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Winelands and Fruit Farms Tour Activities

Beautiful scenery, fine wines, food and culture. Escape to the scenic Western Cape wine route amidst magnificent mountain ranges and vineyards. The Cape Winelands is unequaled for its beauty, fine wines, food and cultural of the South African rainbow nation. Wine harvesting, cherry or fruit picking, horse or bicycle riding on wine farm.

Wine Tasting
Indulge in tasting some of the finest wines at renowned wine estates in the beautiful surrounds. [Winelands, Cape Town, Garden Route]
Wine pairing
The finest wine pairing cocktails such as cheeses, biltong, chocolate. Experience a truly unique South African food pairing - Biltong, which is a cured and dried meat, is paired with beverages such as wine, beer and brandy and food as varied as dried fruit, cheese and chocolate.[Winelands, Cape Town, Garden Route]
Wine and Chocolate pairing
Pairing wine with chocolate can be a match made in heaven! Discovering which wine complements which chocolate is not a straightforward pairing - it takes a bit of experimenting to find the best combinations to suit your taste. Try to keep the wine sweeter than the chocolate for a smooth synergy of a well-paired union.[Winelands, Cape Town, Garden Route]
Food and wine pairing
It is fun to experiment and tantalise your taste -buds! Try classic or even unlikely combina-tions of bite sized nibbles. These can be paired with wine or other delectable options like brandy. [Winelands, Cape Town, Garden Route]
Winemaking and cellar tourEnjoy a short guided tour enlightening you on the art and craftsmanship involved with the production of exquisite wine - explaining all the workings from the vineyards, to the cellar, to the bottle, and finally getting to taste the finished product.[Winelands]
Brandy tasting and pairing
Pair exquisite Brandies with a carefully selected range of delicacies and confection. Brandy pairing options include:artisanal charcuterie for a celebration of fine flavours; hand-made Belgian chocolate and Brazilian coffee for a luxurious indulgence; hand-made Florentines, studded with nuts and dried fruit on a chocolate base; abundant cheese platters served with brandy cocktails[Winelands]
Wine-farm gourmet lunch/dinnerThe Cape has a long history of hospitality - of unique cuisine and good cooks with some of the most scenic restaurant settings to be found anywhere! It is a veritable melting pot of influences from the East, Europe , and Africa, and famous for its seafood and Cape Malay cuisine, with its mix of interesting spicy flavours.[Winelands, Cape Town, Garden Route]
Overnight on a winefarm
Enjoy an overnight stay in the rustic, relaxing atmosphere of a winefarm B&B. Many pleasures to endure! [Winelands, Peninsula, Garden Route]
Wildlife safari
Embark on a bush safari in an open game vehicle with a trained guide to get a closer view of game roaming the open plains, before returning for a hearty safari bush breakfast.[Winelands, Cape Town, Garden Route]

Spa treatments
A health spa vacation combines perfectly with an African safari at the luxury lodge of your choice. The possibilities are endless and we will assist you in choosing the ideal safari & spa combination that will suit your specific needs.
Butterfly World
Butterfly World Tropical Garden is a zoo for small animals fitting in the tropical theme. Operated in co-operation with conservation and welfare authorities, as well as the general public. [Paarl, Winelands]
River rafting
Navigate the broad, tranquil, scenic Breede River as it snakes its way towards the sea - through a maze of channels and into fast-flowing streams under overhanging trees. Difficulty level vary from calm, where there is not even a bubble in the water, to hard to navigate depending on the rainfall or route. [Breede River, Winelands]
Paintball Combat Games
Eliminate opponents by hitting them with your paintball gun - the pellets containing paint! Rules vary widely, but most commonly two opposing teams seeking to capture their opponent's flag and return it to their starting position - a game can last as long as time permits.[West Coast / Ceres]
Pulse Combat Games
No matter your age, compete in a challenge to capture the enemy. This outdoor game played using harmless Infrared technology. Shoot in machine-gun mode up to 120m and launch grenades. Difficulty level can be selected and the rifles are pre-programmed with the game of your choice. [West Coast / Ceres]
Winelands horse riding
Experience the beautiful Cape Winelands from a completely different perspective on one of our exclusive overnight horse-riding trails through private wine estates nestled on the slopes of the Simonsberg mountains - spectacular views & wine tasting with breathtaking scenery.[Winelands, Garden Route]
Quad biking
Explore a scenic, exciting quad bike adventure - whether a novice or an experienced rider- as you ride through rugged lands. Enjoy the diversity of forest, lake and fynbos on exclusive trails designed to give an unusual and spectacular outing in the Cape Town areas rarely visited.[Elgin Valley, Winelands]
Scenic drives
Scenic winding roads take you through the rustic and breathtakingly beautiful Cape Winlands with many excellent wine farms along the way that can be visited. [Winelands, R62]