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Garden Route Tour Activities

Nestled between majestic mountain ranges and the sparkling Indian Ocean, the Garden Route allows you to reconnect with the environment. With a garden of beautiful forests, fynbos and water, this breath-taking coastal route is a favourite with outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Cango CavesThe Cango Caves is situateds in a limestone ridge parallel to the well known Swartberg Mountains near Oudtshoorn. The Cango caves is one of the Seven Wonders of SA and the archeological highlight of the Klein Karoo (Desert). [Oudtshoorn]
Visit to Ostrich farmIt is great fun to take the easy walk through the ostrich farm and partake in farm activities like riding or feeding the ostriches and helping ostrich chicks hatch from their eggs. The ostriches are always kept in peak condition. [Oudtshoorn]
Ride an OstrichThe largest bird in the world, which lays the largest egg and has the most beautiful feathers and adorable eyes! You may choose to sit on or ride an ostrich - the weight limit is 75kg. Sometimes an ostrich race by our local jockeys can be enjoyed.[Oudtshoorn]
Fynbos nature walks
Nature lovers can hike in the unique Fernkloof Nature Reserve, among 1100 different species of fynbos on spectacular mountain trails and birdwatch along the beautiful beaches and rivers. Fernkloof Nature Reserve near Hermanus offers a range of spectacular walks among the fynbos. [Garden Route, Winelands, Cape Town, Peninsula]
Whale Watching (whale season June to November)
Visitors have the unique experience of watching whales spy-hopping, breaching and lobtailing from the cliffs or by taking a whale watching airplane or boat trip. You can come up really close and personal with the Southern Right whales that frequent the shores of Hermanus between June and December. Hear the calls of the whales and see them nurture and play with their calves during whale season.[Hermanus]
Whale Festival
The Whale Festival is a big feature on the Hermanus calendar. Hermanus has the status of being the best land-based whale watching destination in the world. Hermanus is also home to the world's only Whale Crier who blows his kelp horn when whales are spotted along the central sea route.[Hermanus]
White shark cage diving
Allow a professional team to take you on a diving adventure for the ultimate shark encounter and an unforgettable educational experience. You will have the opportunity to photograph these awe-inspiring animals feeding at the surface, right alongside the boat, before entering the cage.[Hermanus, Gansbaai]
Bird watching
Birdwatchers will be in paradise looking out for birds alongs the Klein River, Bot River and Onrus River or along the beaches where the endangered oystercatcher breeds.[Cape Town, Winelands, Garden Route]
Bungy Jumping Spot - Bloukrans Bridge
Stopover visit to the Bloukrans River Bridge, the highest and largest bridge in Africa, the third highest in the world and the largest single span concrete arch bridge in the world. It is also the highest bungee jump bridge in the world. Bloukrans Bungy is a proud Guinness World Record holder for the highest commercial bungee jump in the world at 216m.[Garden Route, Storms River]
Bridge walking tours
Come and learn about the incredible engineering feats that went into building this amazing bridge. Walk along a spectacular and specially designed catwalk to the top of the arch from where you look out over the gorge to the mountains and the sea in the distance. This is the perfect way to watch the live bungy show up close and personal - and is an ideal alternative to jumping off![Storms River]
Storms River Tubing
Tackle the ultimate Storms River tubing adventure in a place of abundant waters, with rivers and cascades tumbling to an ocean lined with rocky crags and sandy beaches. Experience the breathtaking high mountains, deep gorges and rugged coastline, covered with tall indigenous forests and fynbos [Garden Route, Tsitsikamma]
Horse Riding
Experience the magic of an invigorating horse ride along the beach and in the hills. The pristine stretches of beach offer solitude to the walker and boating activities and are renowned for its birdlife.[Garden route, Winelands]
Waterfall Zipline Adventure
2 hours of criss-crossing the river gorge on a slide systemZip slide Tour offers 8 slides, totalling a length of 1.4km - this is the longest tour in Africa! The amazing rock formations and river form a perfect backdrop to a fun-, adrenaline-filled adventure! [Garden Route]
Treetop Zipline Slides
This forest adventure allows you to glide from platform to platform high above the ground with only the local eagles and birdlife noise echoing in the forest. Platform slides range from 30m to 120m - and with a safe braking system you control the speed you travel at.[Garden Route]
Canopy Tour
The first of its kind in Africa, the canopy tour involves traversing from one platform to another along a steel cable suspended up to 30 meters above the forest floor Most platforms are located in giant Outeniqua Yellowwood trees. The scenery and bird life is spectacular and professional guides provide interesting facts about the forest ecology during the 2.5 to 3 hours.[Garden Route]
Woodcutter's Journey
Enjoy a tractor-trailer ride down the old Storms River Pass with a knowledgeable guide and refreshments served next to the river.This 2.5 hour interactive tour down the old Stormsriver pass in a Safari type vehicle is a unique forest experience.[Garden Route]
Hermanus craft market
A number of craft markets sell a range of interesting wares, a marimba band frequently adds a vibrant atmosphere on different occasions and the old harbor with its restored fishing boats gives a glimpse of times past.[Garden Route, Hermanus]
Deepsea fishing
Spend the day with experienced skippers fishing. Enjoy ice cold refreshments while freshly caught fish are prepared and cooked to perfection. What better way to entertain your clients and turn a corporate relationship into a long lasting friendship. [Cape Town, Garden Route]
The Birds of Eden sanctuary
The largest free-flight aviary in the world - spanning over a gorge of indigenous forest, with a canopy walk that hangs above the clouds. A large collection of African birds and miniature monkeys have been released into the sanctuary after undergoing rehabilitation. There is also a mysterious ruin, a walk-behind waterfall and 200 seat amphitheatre. [Garden Route]
Monkeyland - world first free roaming multi-specie primate sanctuary.
Monkeyland has as one of its aims, to create awareness about the plight of primates and to show that with a greater understanding of our primate cousins, that we can all live in harmony.[Garden Route]
Elephant Sanctuary
The elephants have been domesticated through positive reinforcement animal management principles, and as a result, provide us with the unique opportunity to interact with them. Visitors are able to touch, feed and get to know them, as well as walk hand-in-trunk with them - an unforgettable experience.[Garden Route]
Interact with Cheetahs
Cheetah Sanctuary - Experience the excitement of a personal encounter with hand-raised cheetahs and cubs when available. The sanctuary take on the responsibility of hand-rearing cubs as ambassador cheetahs to promote the survival of free ranging cheetah.[Garden Route]
Cat sanctuary
Tenikwa Wild Cat Sanctuary - Meet captive-bred furry felines in their semi-natural surroundings on a guided tour or join the cheetahs on their daily walk in the forest as they romp around and play in the indigenous forest and fynbos. (Booking essential)[Garden Route]
Jukani Predator Park - wildlife sanctuary
Right in the heart of the Garden Route is one of the most unique interactive wildlife predator parks on earth dedicated to the preservation and well being of the world's most inspiring carnivores by changing attitudes and changing minds - come, take a Jukani Predator Park tour! You will arrive filled with fear - and leave awe inspired![Garden Route]
Lawnwood snake sanctuary
The snake sanctuary offers a short guided tour consisting of an indigenous snake pit, boomslang exhibit, monitor lizard enclosure, large dome housing South African and exotic snakes, followed by the python room, housing giant pythons. [Garden Route]
Ferry Cruise on Lagoon
Which includes a ferry cruise on the tranquil waters of the Lagoon that flushes into the sea through the famous Knysna Heads. This is one of the most striking geological features of our coastline with great sandstone cliffs that guard the entrance to this breathtakingly beautiful Lagoon.[Garden Route, Knysna]
Hike in the fern forest
The fern forest trail carves its way in the cool shade of undulating indigenous forest with rustic stop-over huts. Multi day forest treks available to match your requirements.[Garden Route]
Tsitsikama Nature Reserve
One of the most magical places of the Eastern Cape is the Tsitsikamma Forest at the eastern end of the Garden Route. This lush forest seems to be almost out of place on a continent that most people associate with semi-arid savannah and bone-dry deserts.[Garden Route, Knysna]
Tsitsikamma National Park
A short walk in the fern forest along the start of the Otter trail and the mouth of the Storms River, with the famous suspension bridge over the river mouth with spectacular photographic scenery. A visit to BIG Tree, the biggest tree in the Forest.[Garden Route]
Plettenberg Bay
With the backdrop of majestic mountains stretching from horizon to horizon, a collage of green forests and fynbos, separated from the blue of the Indian Ocean by endless white and sandy beaches.[Garden Route]

BOMA Dinner
Provides not just a meal but a unique cultural experience, The menu specialties include a range of traditional African dishes as well as a barbecue buffet, offering enough variety to cater for most tastes.

Elephant handling
Touch and feed Sam, Tsotsi and little Tsima and get first hand experience of the African Elephant.

Elephant picnic
Enjoy a picnic in tranquil settings and relax amongst these extraordinary Elephants. A variety of snacks and sparkling wine is served and after this feast you can feed the Elephants.

Game Drives
Safari vehicles can cover vast distances in response to game sightings and as most wild animals are accustomed to the sight of vehicles, one is able to approach them closely, affording excellent opportunities for wildlife photography.

Rock-art exploration
The San people of Africa roamed the area for thousands of years until 100 years ago. Rock art sites date back to more than 3500 years and depict the spiritual beliefs and lives of these fascinating people.