The Big Tree

Tsitsikamma big-tree-panoramic-02 2

This famous landmark tree is well worth a visit - at a height of 36m, circumference of 8.5m and an estimated 800-900 year-old, “The Big Tree” towers over the other trees in the canopy, being the largest of the giant Outeniqua Yellowwood trees in the Krisjan-se-Nek area, near Diepwalle Forest Station. It is about a 10 minute walk. The big tree is also known as the Kind Edward V11 tree.

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Sardine Run Africa

Around June, July and August the biggest migration of any fish species occur, billions of sardines migrate up the East Coast of South Africa. This is a dream experience for divers, photographers and nature lovers.

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South Africa's National Anthem


Enoch Sontonga, a Methodist school teacher, composed Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika in 1897.  Initially it was a church hymn and later became a political call to end apartheid. Compositionally unusual, the key shifts in the middle. Five of the eleven official South African languages are included, namely – Xhosa, Zulu, Sesotho, Afrikaans and English.

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Robben Island, Cape Town


People lived on Robben Island many thousands of years ago, when the sea channel between the Island and the Cape mainland was not covered with water. Since the Dutch settled at the Cape in the mid-1600s, Robben Island has been used primarily as a prison.

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Cape Malay cooking experience


Cape Malay cooking is a rich culinary heritage that is unique to Cape Town. A hands-on Cape Malay cooking class is thoroughly recommened! You'll make rotis, bobotie, samoosas, faloodas, curry and more!

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Wine Pairing


Wine pairing can be enjoyed at local gourmet restaurants, by visiting world-renowned wine estates or can be set up at an event as a relaxing networking activity. Pairing options range from gourmet meals and cheeses to chocolate, canapés, local delicacies and more. Wine stewards are trained in assisting guests with selecting the best suited wines to complement the culinary fare.

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South Africa’s ‘rainbow cuisine’


Experiencing the best of South African ‘rainbow cuisine’ - the unique and intertwined variety of multicultural inspirations and stages - is a highlight of any trip to South Africa.

Influences range from indigenous African people, the Dutch since 1652, German, French, Italian, Greek and British since 1805 and their Indo-Asian slaves.

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Penguins Boulders Beach Simson's Town Cape Town Category: General


In 1983 a pair of African penguins were spotted on Foxy Beach at Boulders Beach Simon’s Town and in 1985 they began to lay. Since then the colony has grown rapidly. By 1997 there were 2350 adult birds. Such a quick growth of the colony was the result of immigration, particularly from Dyer Island, as well as by reproduction.

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Addo Elephant Park Port Elizabeth Eastern Cape


Deep within the shadows of the dense valley bushveld of the Sundays River region of the Eastern Cape lies the Addo Elephant National Park. Here, the evenings are punctuated by the strident howl of the black-backed jackal, and the francolin's call heralds each new dawn. Safe from relentless persecution in the past, the grey leviathans of the bush now roam in peace.

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